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Silicone Moulds Main Category

Our Food Safe Silicone Mold Range is identifiable by their  unique  quality Food Grade Silicone , isometrix and manageable sizing, flexibility, quality and ease of us

Cake Decorating Silicone Molds

  Alphabet Silicone Moulds

Number Set Silicone Mould

  Animals and Birds Silicone Moulds

Animal and Bird Silicone Mould Category

Babies Silicone Moulds

Baby Category for Silicone Mold

Beach and Sea Silicone Moulds

Beach And Sea Silicone Mould

Borders and Ropes Category

Pram Border Silicone Mold

 Boys Silicone Moulds

Boys Silicone Moulds

Butterflies and Insects Silicone Moulds

silicone mold buuterfly face

Buttons Silicone Moulds

Baby Button Set Silicone Mold

Cameo Silicone Moulds

Cameo Silicone Mold

Cars Silicone Moulds

The Cars Collection

Characters Silicone Moulds

Large Face Hello Kitty

Christmas Silicone Moulds

Christmas Tree Fondant Silicone Mould

Cupcake Topper Silicone Moulds

Its a Boy Silicone Mold for Gumpaste

 Fairies, Mermaids and Ballerina’s Silicone Moulds

Fairy 1 Silicone Mould

Fairy 1 Silicone Mould

Flowers and Leafs and Veiners Silicone Moulds

Blossom Veiner

Food and Sweet Things

Chunky Ice Cream Fondant Silicone Mould

Girls Silicone Moulds

Cute Handbake Fondant Mold

Hearts, Valentines and Love Silicone Moulds

Mini Love Silicone Mold

Isomalt Silicone Moulds

Beer Bottle Isomalt Mold

Jewels and Decor Silicone Moulds

Isomalt Silicone Mold

Masks Silicone Moulds

Mask Silicone Mold

Miscellaneous Silicone Moulds

Sewing Set Silicone Mold

Naughty But Nice

Naughty But Nice Silicone Molds

Proudly South Africa

Traditional Lady South Africa Silicone Mold

Religion Silicone Moulds

MIni Cross Silicone Mold

Special Occasions Silicone Moulds

Birthday Girl Silicone Mold

Sports and Outdoors Silicone Moulds

baseball set

Teddies Silicone Moulds

Teddy Silicone Mold

Theme Sets Silicone Moluds

Rose Set Theme Silicone Mold

Wedding Silicone Moulds

Bride and Groom Silicone Mold

All our Cake Decorating Moulds are guaranteed to be 100% food safe, odourless and of the highest quality

Decor Silicone Mold

Rose Spray Decor Mold

Soap Silicone Molds

Mouse Soap Silicone Mold

Special Silicone Molds

Custom Mold


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"Baie dankie vir jou moeite. Ek het my pakkie vanmiddag laat gekry en dit sommer dadelik uitprobeer. Die moulds is fantasties en ek sal in die toekoms weer by julle bestel. " Elise Labuschagne

"Having so much fun with my new Lego silicone moulds!! Thank you for the fast and friendly service. :-) " Teresa Barnard

"You're a star - thanks so much. I LOVE your products !! "

Brenda Lynch

"I just have to recommend this site and their online shopping as one of the best, if not the best for customer service. Thanks to Rina and staff for assisting. You have me as a customer for life."

Maryna Perley-Robertson

"Hi. This is my first attempt at a sugar bottle with my new mould - it works great! Thanks guys, especially Andrew, for all the help! " Lize Van Den Heever