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Introduction to first time cake decorating

The purpose of ” First Time Cake Decorating ” is to provide anybody interested in Cake Decorating a starting point that teaches basic skills. We hope it will inspire you to create a special dessert cake for that important dinner party, or that special birthday cake for a loved one or the ultimate – a wedding Cake.
There is  even a possibility that your creations may turn into a love for cake decorating, and an enjoyable  hobby,  could turn into to a profitable home based business. If this page helps in any way then it has achieved the goal of sharing our passion for baking cakes and creating masterpieces  while decorating cakes.

Creative ideas can come from fabrics, events, china, children’s passions, latest phases, tradition and almost anyplace you can see a design that is appealing to you or the recipient of the cake.

First set time aside to practice and develop the basic techniques we will be set out. These basic cake decorating techniques will help you and the more you practice them, the more assured and comfortable you will feel later while creating your dream cake. Allow yourself ample time to practice these techniques prior to attempting to decorate the cake – remember this is based on the fact that this is your first time. You will soon discover that these cake decorating techniques are easy to master.

The more you bake, the better you will become; and when you are stuck, remember it is only food. So put in the time, allow yourself to learn, and most of all, HAVE FUN !!

Cake Decorating Basic needs

The Basic needs and Tools you will require and familiarize yourself with before you begin creating your first cake decorating masterpiece :-

To achieve a perfectly decorated cake it is of the utmost importance to have the right cake equipment starting from the bottom up, namely a good cake pan and the right oven temperature.

No matter how beautiful a decorated cake you are able to create, If the beginning product – the cake is inferior, then the cake decorations may as well not be present. Imagine a skew cake that was not to be meant that way, with the most beautiful sugarcraft flower on – would the admirer see the flower or the skew cake.

Using a good Cake Pan is a Good start !!

Shaped Cake Pans

Shaped Pans

Square Cake Baking Pans

Square Cake Pans

There are plenty options in bakeware available. For continuous, dependable baking success, it is important to invest in sturdy cake pans. Cake pans come in different shapes and sizes, and are made from different materials. Heavy aluminum cake pans work the best. They can withstand rough handling, high oven temperatures and will not rust.


You will probably have most of the necessary equipment you will need in your kitchen – basic items like measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, a stove top, an oven, and a mixer.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring Spoons and Cups

Metal Spatula

Metal Spatula


Cake Mixer

Mixer with Bowl

A Mixer with an attachment bowl is recommended over a hand mixer, it makes the mixing of ingredients easier and handles large quantities of batter and icing. A turntable is also highly recommended making the task of cake decorating much easier.

A List of a few  Necessary items:

Dry Measuring Cups – used to measure dry ingredients

Rubber Spatula – used for folding in lightweight ingredients and for scraping batter, icing and fillings from bowls

Measuring Spoons – used to measure small portions of dry and liquid ingredients

Metal Spatulas – used to apply icing to the cake, available in various sizes, the larger the cake, the larger the spatula

Large Metal Spoon – used to stir large amounts of ingredients together and remove large amounts of fondant and gumpaste from the mixing bowl

Wire Whisk – used to fold ingredients together

Serrated-edged Knife – used for leveling cakes, cutting cakes and other miscellaneous duties

Cake Plates – Plates used to place your cake on. A Cake plate is any display surface you wish to place a cake on. This could be your favorite china plate, a cake stand, a piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil, or a cake round purchased at your local craft store. The most important thing about a cake plate is that it is large enough to hold and support the weight of the cake in question. Cake plates can also be garnished to be hidden with garnish, if so desired. The following are a few cake plate options:

  • Decorative Cake Plate – can be any plate in your kitchen on which the cake will fit. From plate styles from china to everyday ware.

Wooden Spoon – used to stir ingredients together


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